Festival trader life with my 5 year old...part 5 ❤

Festival trader life with my 5 year old...part 5 ❤
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Busy busy 🐝 that's me. After the Cambridge Folk Fest was Lakefest and then onto Green Man.

Lakefest was wet and extremely windy and unfortunately I only traded for one day out of four. Wind gusts of over 50mph and whenever I tried to open up a side panel the stall shifted. Way to dangerous so I relented to having some time out and snuggled up with Rosie in the camper playing snakes and ladders and managed to read a whole book! I had a good day trading on the Sunday but the main arena was evacuated in the evening due to a 50 tonne truck skidding off the hill in the mud overlooking the festival! Ended up sat in the circus tent with all other evacuated families until 3am. The security guys carrying the kids across a sea of mud! The ice-cream van man came in with trays of mini flakes for the kids and water. Rosie had 5 flakes then went back to sleep totally 'flaked out' 🤣. I was happy to get home on the Monday. It was not the best weekend.

Then onto Green Man in the Brecon Beacons, Wales. Loved this festival ❤ Luckily had new front brake pads put on in the morning before driving there. Up and over the hills we went with the most spectacular views but...we had to come down. Interesting drive with the smell of burning brakes, a wild pony running across the road in front of us followed by a sheep. Rosie turning to say to me "Imagine if we went off the edge" ... "No Rosie I can't...let's do some counting!" "Oh look Mummy at all the traffic behind us ... "No Rosie just ignore them and make no eye contact''. Jeez!!! Very happy to arrive at Green Man all intact. My stall was in Nature Nurture which is a beautiful healing and therapy area. Wow to the view from my stall and we had a fantastic time. Great vibe, great people and great trade. The weather was sunny with showers and the ground got a bit muddy but it did not matter. Fabulous festival! Very much looking forward to Green Man again next year. 

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