Supporting a small business and buying fairtrade ❤

Supporting a small business and buying fairtrade ❤
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Supporting a local small business means you are investing in the well being of your community and its future. It is also good for the enviroment because they often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies. You get a more personalised service and you get a more unique product. More importantly you will feel good for supporting and buying from a local small business 😊

Fairtrade is about decent working conditions and empowering workers to combat poverty and strengthen their position to take more control over their lives. Fairtrade is a trading partnership based on respect. Fair wages, a stable income and improved terms of trade ensure workers and their families a planned future. By buying fairtrade you are reducing poverty, encouraging enviromentally friendly production methods and you safeguard humane working conditions.


My local small business is fairtrade 🙏

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