Payment Information

I accept payment by PayPal.

For your security all card transactions are processed by PayPal.

PayPal ensure that all card details are encrypted and held securely. No-one else including me has any access to your card details.

Without a PayPal account and to pay by card please follow these step-by-step directions.

  1. Click on PayPal during checkout
  2. After you submit your order click the ‘Pay Now’ button
  3. You will be asked to enter your name and shipping address
  4. You will then be asked for your card details, email address and phone number
  5. Optional – After reviewing your information you may be asked to store your information by making a PayPal account to make future transactions faster

All payments will be taken in British Pounds and if you are a customer outside of the UK the payment will be converted at the currency exchange rate.

You must ensure that your personal details including the address for delivery are complete and accurate.

Postage and packing is added to your order at checkout.

Your order will be shipped once payment is received.